Jillian ArnoldAdvisory Board


    Jillian Arnold is an award winning video engineer who specializes in workflow engineering, digital acquisition, and media management. She is one of the few experts in a lucrative, emerging field of television. Jillian is a second-generation recordist/tape operator, committed to bridging the generational and cultural technology gap by training and certifying new operators with her latest venture, Mission Critical Media.

    Jillian has a Bachelors degree in film theory and history from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a Masters in film production—cinematography from Chapman University.

    As a video engineer, Jillian oversees high-speed, high-resolution productions for engineering analysis as part of the Mars Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory [JPL]. She also participated in JPL’s Juno orbital insertion, Cassini’s farewell, and Mars Curiosity Landing.

    Currently, Jillian manages the recording and file management for all Viacom tentpole shows on NEP’s premier truck, Atlas. These shows include MTV VMAs, Movie Awards, CMT Awards, Kids Choice Awards, and many more. Other current clients include NBC Universal’s E! Red Carpet Shows, Directv’s Super Bowl Show, several major Netflix productions and Ted Talks. The 2017 Video Music Awards compiled over 31,000 files for Post Delivery.

    As the lead media manager for the Fox reality series Utopia, she oversaw the safe delivery of 400,000-plus files recorded daily—totaling 37 terabytes of footage—using the Pronology asset management system. She also partnered with Fox for Grease Live, Rent Live, A Christmas Story Live, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup coverage. In addition, she frequently collaborates with NFL Films.

    Jillian is Vice President of Local 695, the sound and engineering union, a member of local 600, and the first media manager to be initiated into the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She is also a member of SMPTE and Cal Tech’s Athenaeum.