Allison VanoreSecretary-Treasurer

Allison Vanore is an Emmy Award-winning producer of the acclaimed series “After Forever.” Between 2015-2019 Allison served as the Head of Production for Canvas Media Studios where she produced “Wear It to Win It” for Facebook, “Vanity” which garnered her first Emmy nomination, the pilot “Socio” starring India Eisley, and the popular Yarn series “Limelight.”

Allison’s latest feature film credits include “Buck Run” (Palm Springs premiere 2019), “The Rainbow Experiment” (Gravitas, 2018), and “42 Seconds of Happiness” (Indie Rights 2017).

Allison’s latest digital series credits include “After Forever” (Amazon, 2018-), “Limelight” (Yarn app 2018-19), “Whatta Lark” (RevryTV, 2018-), “Wear It to Win It” (Facebook, 2018), and “Vanity” (Stylehaul, 2015-).

Allison is published in the book “Thriving in Hollywood!: Tenacious Tales & Tactics from Ms. In The Biz.” She also serves on the executive board of Women in Media. From 2004-2008, Allison was the Director of Creative Operations for boutique interactive design house Georgopoulos Design serving agency and studio clients.