The #ParityInAction Initiative

Thank you to the decision makers, department heads, and crew who are making the entertainment industry a more fair and welcoming place to work, free of harassment and abuse. Women in Media aims for balance in the crew – from the bottom up and top down, in every department, on every show. By signing this pledge, you stand up for equality, decency and civility in our industry for workers of all genders.

Together, we are #ParityInAction.

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bobbi banks

We Are #ParityInAction

Bobbi Banks, Dialogue Editor & Kimberley Browning, Producer
JL Fisher

We Are #ParityInAction

JL Fisher Dolly Grip Training
Sinead Clancy

We Are #ParityInAction

Sinead Clancy (set decorator)
Crane Day

We Are #ParityInAction

Cinemoves Crane Day
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The #ParityInAction Badge

About the Badge:

Women in Media encourages and acknowledges productions that reach parity (at least 40% – 60% women). Any production that signs the #ParityInAction pledge and submits documentation proving they reached parity across all departments, above and below the line (and in post) will receive this recognition in the form of the Women in Media #ParityInAction Badge.

This badge represents the values of fairness, inclusion, and professionalism behind the pledge and shows others that you agree this is a worthy and valuable mission.

How to Submit:

  • Fill out our Production Spreadsheet showing at least 40% – 60% women and non-binary crew.
  • Upload your completed Production Spreadsheet (xlsx).
  • Upload final approved call sheets for all production days (pdf).
  • Upload a final draft of your credits (pdf).
  • Upload your key art (pdf, jpg, png).

Women in Media will review your submitted materials and contact you with either a request for more information, a denial, or confirmation within 30 calendar days. By submitting for the #ParityInAction Badge consideration, you agree with the following Terms of Use.

take the pledge

  • I pledge to interview at parity with commitment to hire inclusively above and below the line.
  • I will actively seek out women to hire from outside my circle and other resources if necessary.
  • I will recommend women I respect to others in a position to hire.
  • I will pay equitably and create an atmosphere of respect for all cast and crew.


487 signatures


487 Katherine Shea
486 Erin Macdonald Spacetime Productions
485 Betty Madden Costume Design
484 Cassandra Castelant n/a
483 Shoniqua Alleyne Soulfully Written Production
482 Bruce Rosepapa Screenwriter
481 liz miller SVP Production // Paramount Television
480 Maria-Celeste Garrahan
479 Maria-Celeste Garrahan
478 Brigitte Jones The Bay Area Review
477 Myra Vitela
476 Morgan Riddle
475 Christina Naime Screenwriter / Producer, Pretty Penny Films
474 Ivy Chu
473 Ruby Jun
472 Susan Deming Pick Up Pix
471 Serena Jiang Weli Labs
470 Cookie Walukas Producer
469 Stephanie Reichert Producer
468 Barbie Leung ICG
467 Jordan Deveix Makeup Artist / SFX Makeup
466 Chara Andrews Production Assistant
465 Andrea Wolanin Producer/Director
464 Miranda Pikul Art
463 Erika Stecz film student at Los Angeles Film School
462 Savvy Jaye
461 Sarah Thomas Moffat DOP
460 Bex Francis Producer
459 Alex Surer Producer
458 Katie White Producer
457 Dawn Spinella Director
456 Kathryn Robinson
455 Jessica Gramuglia Music Supervisor
454 Ali Ivosevich Director of Photography
453 Amanda McHugh What Now? Productions
452 Elizabeth Schindler Set Dressing Coordinator
450 Fernanda Cabarcos
449 Jo Yuan
448 Jordana Lilly
447 Riley Hanyue Shen Cinematographer
446 Katherine Filaseta Assistant Director
445 Amanda Duran Composer
444 Amina Kearney Screenwriter/Producer
443 Nicole Hayward Producer
442 Katherine May
441 Christine Carr Christine Carr
440 Kathrine Mitchell Lighting Designer/Gaffer/Electrician
439 Robert Patrik Winston Founder/CEO The Winston Group
438 Selena LEONI Producer
437 Jessica Richmond JRich, Producer
436 Shannon Gibbs Costume/Director/Writer
435 Patrice Bowman Owner - Bowman Pictures LLC
434 Doris Casap Principal, Mother Films
433 Sarah Hawkins Screenwriter and COVID Compliance Officer
432 Holly Lander Art Director / Production Designer
431 Jennie Ciminelli Jennie Creates LLC/ Principal
430 Kat Kingsley Wooden Canoe Pictures
429 Sarah Hyunji Park Producer
428 Rebecca van der Meulen Grip/electric
427 Lucia Rinaldi
426 Katherine Marcheski
425 Zoe Davidson
424 Shannon Dalton CCO/PA (set and Covid) 2nd AC.
423 Autumn Moran Director of Photography
422 Hannah Driscoll Script Supervisor
421 Kelsey Talton Cinematographer
420 Allie Schultz DP
419 Katherine Castro Cinematographer
418 Goldie Jones
417 Selena Webb Camera Operator and Assistant
416 Crystal Kelley Pro 31 Enterprises. LLC
415 Kerri Quinn Writer and Producer
414 Alesia Glidewell Moon Tower Pictures
413 Jen White Director of Photography
412 Beth Scorzato Production Assistant
411 Cassie L. Taylor Production Designer, Producer, Writer
410 Ludovica Isidori Cinematographer
409 Leah Latham Walt Disney Animation Studios
408 Lea Vrabelova Editor
407 Ellen Askey Editor / Freelance
406 Leanna Primiani composer
405 Geonni Sigl United Artists Releasing
404 Sarah Davis 2nd AC
403 Karen Rodriguez WIND-UP PICTURES LLC
402 Lesley Dike'
401 Lana Marks Director/Producer
400 Amy Palace Editor
399 Sandra Garcia DP/Cam Op
398 Terra Abroms Co-Producer/Freelance
397 Farida Rafique Director/Producer
396 Samantha Henderson Producer
395 Tara Smith Joymaking Productions LLC
394 mellissa tong director/producer, DuckPunk Productions, Inc.
393 Asha Smith Associate Producer, Producer, HMU
392 Alexandra Bellamy-Cesar Producer
391 Kristin Tieche Selvavision
390 Suzy Bell Writer / Director
389 Olga Beres
388 Shana Darabie Writer/Director/Producer
387 Matthew Allard Dell Technologies
386 Jenny Callaghan JGC Management
385 Liz Smith Executive Producer, Blueprint
384 TeriLynn Troxell
383 Aavi Haas Producer
382 Ali Petre P Dish Productions
381 Silvie Grossmann Writer/Director
380 Justine Raczkiewicz Producer
378 Natasha Lewin Writer; Creating, Etcetera
377 Medge Ross Casting Director
376 Tricia Rodrigo Editor
375 Coral Wright Netflix
374 Peggy Miley Actress/writer
373 Anna Spyrou AnnaVista Films
372 Stephanie Bell Co-Founder and Producer, BelLipoma Entertainment
371 Camila Caballero Guzmán Writer and director
370 Catherine Pantazopoulos Sr.Colourist
369 Jacklyn Agor Puppet Master Productions
368 Boss Life Hollywood
367 Allyson Rice Writer/Producer/Development, Atomic Focus Entertainment
366 Patricia Chica Producer / president of Flirt Films
365 Robin Blanchard Producer/Screenwriter
364 Ebony Balogh
363 Michelle Haro Writer
362 Hellin Kay Writer Producer Director // Masha And Aliona Productions
361 Nagham Osman
360 Meghan Frederico
359 Melissa Lucey Writer
358 Leslie Herman Producer, Writer
357 Shelly Skandrani Writer/ Director
356 Nieves Garcia Perchin Director
355 Miranda Hoyt
354 Ngoc-Que Tran
353 Karina Kalaydzhyan
352 Kate Phelan
351 Toni Tru
350 Sarah Leibman Writer/Director
349 Krista Nave
348 Jessica Fritz Writer
347 Carolina Hoyos Skylight Productions
346 Kimisha Renee Davis Director/Cinematographer
345 Emily Peters Production Desinger
344 Richa Rudola Writer/Director
343 Tiffany Albright Producer / Director
342 Lila Yomtoob Director
341 Avra Friedman
340 Mindy Trim D.I.T./ Editor
339 Amy Geist Producer / Director
338 Diana Ly
337 Marguerite Spellman Writer
336 Yolanda Stange Producer
335 Caitlin Gallo Screenwriter
334 Dorian Frankel casting director
333 Carmen Vincent
332 Anisha Lanewala Cinematographer
331 Marco Parra Producer/Writer
330 Aubreyanna Rice Writer
329 Vickie Sampson Writer/Director/Producer/Editor
328 Melissa Almonor Writer
327 Catherine Pantazopopulos Sr. Colourist
326 Athena Andoniades Independent Filmmaker
325 Samantha Duncan
324 Heather Atherton Owner/Principal
323 Ingrid Moss Writer | Actor
322 Loren Rochelle CEO // Founder
321 Sarah Knapp Writer/Director
320 Zuzana Gedeon Director
319 Andrea Nordgren Director/Producer
318 Dara Wishingrad Production Designer
317 Kat Roman Space Crow Films
316 Robyn Coburn Robyn Coburn Resume Review
315 Melissa Balint
314 Sara Ataiiyan Writer/Director
313 Alison Dixon Recent film and media graduate, emerging filmmaker
312 Erica Fellion
311 Jaclyn S. Powell Fledgling Films, Director
310 Ziyao Liu Director
309 Shruti Tewari
308 Adele Kuforiji ViacomCBS
307 Krista Amigone
306 Lisa Cole writer director
305 Eve Edelson
304 Jesse Averna Editor
303 Linda Evans Founder, Lunch Hour Prodcutions
302 Valerie Wagner
301 Tamia Dow Triple 8 Spirit Productions
300 Luisa Betancur
299 Scottie Jeanette Madden Zuzubean Press
298 Teri Fruichantie Brownstein Media
297 Alyse Kano Riley Founder, NINE X THREE FILMS
296 Zoe Quist
295 Roxann Remekie Founder / President, Shine Thyme Entertainment
294 Jonathan Abrams Reseda
293 Kristina Klebe
292 Jorge Marcial Owner, dulcepics
291 Maria Capp cappricielli produtions
290 Jenn Page Heart on Fire Productions
288 Andrea Sachs Gaffer 728/52
287 Gina Harris
286 Pratyusna Sahoo
285 Gretchen Ash
284 Arin Meyer Arin Meyer
283 Brandy Tannahill Grip, Brandy's Hammer LLC
282 Lara Del Arte Lara Del Arte
281 Diana Holtzman Producer
280 JD Walker AMPAS
279 Kristine Surla
278 Danielle Bailey
277 Kelley Harrison
276 Jennelle Williams Writer, Harvest Studios
275 Tara Niami Freelance Cinematographer
274 Barbara Cohen Barbara Cohen Music
273 Reiko Aylesworth director
272 Sophia Zolan
271 Jennifer Pirante Jennifer Pirante
270 Linda Di franco LDF Pictures
269 Vatsala Goel
268 Martina Silcock
267 Mitzi Rutherford
266 Nasreen Alkhateeb
265 Aeolan Kelly
264 Anne Robinson
263 Doriane Ede
262 Court McAllister Mac1Photography
261 Stacy Jill Calvert
260 Kristin Riegler
259 Sara Glaser
258 Elena Maro Elena Maro Music
257 Valerie Peterson ContentMeant
256 Julianne Gabert Girls on Food
255 Liz Ryan
254 Kerry Michelle O'Brien
253 Shea E. Butler The Butler Did It Productions
252 Karolyn McKenzie KKM
251 Jessica Perez
250 Julia Muniz
249 Sarah Phillips DP
248 Janelle Tucker
247 Jessica Sun
246 Denise Acosta Producer
245 Leah Anova 1971
244 Julie Janata
243 Jacki Trinh 1975
242 Heidi Mirow
241 Dana Neillie
240 Nadine Naidoo Director, ki Media
239 Beth Napoli
238 Anastasia Shepherd Colorist, Freelance
237 Jeanne Tyson
236 Jill Von D Black Velvet Films
235 Ann Carrick
234 Asia-Anansi McCallum
233 CeCe Koplin Producer, Tellurian Productions
232 Lori Burgstahler President, The Taylor Fund
231 Athena Ross
230 Yvette Foy
229 Heidi Putallaz Green Creek Productions
228 Brigitte Graham Co Founder, Wanderlust Films, LLC
227 Zoe Lubeck
225 Elena Gonzalez Santulli
224 Rosa Costanza President, Seven Directions Studios
223 Judi Bell CEO, Iconic Media Productions
222 Cheryl Quintana Leader INDIVISION2000 Productions
221 gayla Kraetsch hartsough KH CONSULTING GROUP, KHao Entertainment Division
220 Taryn O'Neill Writer, Director
219 Lisa Wardell Runes Picture Company
218 Frieda de Lackner By Chance Films
217 Parker Ronan
216 Katie Pyne Director, Filmmaker
215 Sara Alize Cross
214 Elle Schneider
213 Mugs Cahill
212 Paula Haifley
211 Ai Chung
210 Lorena Gordon
209 Nicole De Meneses Director
208 Jessica Redish Jessica Redish, Rooster On a Wire Films
207 Yvonne Jimenez Owner, YConnects
206 Athena Andoniades
205 Ashleigh Nichols Minerva Pictures LLC
204 Sophia Louisa Lee
203 Cheryl Lewis CinA Studios, Inc.
202 Wanda Weaver
201 Allison Volk
200 Marisa Coughlan
199 Anna Simone Scott
198 Gail Gilbert President, Cerise Films, Inc.
197 Annie O'Neil Everyday Camino Productions
196 Shari Coleman
195 Ashley Williams
194 Angela Victor
193 Sati Kaur Sati Films
192 Sabrina Skau
191 Kimberly Bigsby Kimberly Bigsby Productions
190 Jenn Shaw Jnine Media LLC
189 Monique Hazeur Mississippi Girl in Brooklyn
188 Tara Parian Tara Parian
187 Deborah Correa
186 Jill D'Agnenica
185 Rashaan Dozier-Escalante Panaloma Productions
184 Elizabeth Page Abundant Life, Inc.
183 Jennie Sheffield
182 Celeste Chaney Director, Routine Creative
181 Bianca Ahonor
180 April Brassard
179 Layna McAllister
178 Sade Robinson
177 Shirley Song
176 Jane Tattersall SVP Sim Post Toronto
175 Ayla Glass
174 Erin Neumeyer Erin Leigh Photography
173 Francoise Gralewski
172 Marianthe Bezzerides Composer, mZoi Music
171 Natalie Perez She TV Media
170 Esther Shubinski Many Trails Production
169 Lily Gwyer-Miller
168 Kimberly Bautista Writer, Director, Producer, ARTEVISTA FILMS
167 eva swan
166 Yvette Joseph
165 Halley Albert Trikon
164 deirdre mendoza Watchdog Pictures
162 Carley Steichen
161 Anastasia Kousakis
160 Jessica Perlman
159 Tash Ann Ladwig
158 Courtney Hope Therond
157 Amie Williams Amie Williams
156 Meryl Branch-McTiernan
155 Melanie A Ragone Creator, 7510 Films
154 Michele Baldwin Michele Baldwin Enterprises
153 Elana Pisani
152 Margaret Rivera
151 Erica Green
150 Francine Michelle Fortuity Productions
149 Tracy Wren Director, Cambridge Players INC
148 Paige Morrow Kimball Makazan Films
147 Dahmenah Mingo
146 Laura Drago Producer, New Girl Pictures
145 Malin Barr 1988
144 Allex Tarr Director, BuzzFeed
143 BK Williams Owner, B K Williams Productions
142 Christine Weatherup
141 Maritte Go
140 Heloise Chung Director
139 Caryn Ruby Script Supervisor
138 Cecilia Muylaert
137 Martha Cotton Finally Films
136 Sloan Turner
135 Donna Wheeler
134 Zdenka Turecek
133 Naoe . Cinematographer / Photographer / Director
132 Mariscela Mendez Director of Photography
131 Denise Meyers Delicate Flower Films
130 PJ Joshi Self
129 Kristina Carucci DoP, Freelance
128 Aymae Sulick
127 Shanele Alvarez
126 Elena Miller
125 cricket peters cinematographer
124 Brennan Full
123 Martina Williams Screenwriter
122 Olivia Riportella
121 Danna Kinsky
120 Emma Kragen
119 Kelly Sarri
118 Marzy Hart
117 Martha J Rogus
116 Emily Nicole Hansen
115 Charmaine Peters
114 Venita Obols-Graham Wanderlust Films
113 Caledonia Hanson
112 Aisha Ford
111 MiMi Rose Hall
110 Charise Sowells Unabashed Productions
109 Dena Hysell-Cornejo managing partner, Rumpus Room
108 Brian Tanke
107 Gina DeCesare
106 Khadijah Catherine Taylor Newark Speaks 2 U
105 Jennifer van Heeckeren Funni Females
104 Carina Rosanna Tautu owner, Silk String Pictures
103 Alycia Cooper Triumphant Enterprises, LLC
102 Gabriela Gonzalez
101 Courtnee Rizzo
100 Sonia Sebastian Freelancers Anonymous LLC
99 Emma Selinski Director, Sunflower Sings Films
98 Phyllis Zimbler Miller Miller Mosaic LLC
97 Wendy Wilkins Wendywproductions
96 Agatha Altarovici THE CIBLE
95 Andrea Shreeman Prudent Pictures
93 LuvLeighAn Clark Goddess Productions
92 Allison Vanore Alliecine
91 Em Turner
90 Victoria Chen
89 Carrie Scott Cinematographer
88 Haley Saunders Cinematographer, independent
87 Carma Sharon
86 Gee J Parks
85 Kelly Krause Freelance Screenwriter & Script Consultant
84 Sierra Shannon One Spark Productions
83 Kayleigh Rodriguez
82 Kim Cooper CEO, Uncle Appleseed Productions
81 shawn curtis
80 Kimberly Sauer Middletown
79 Cristin Pescosolido
78 Denice Riddle Denice Riddle films
77 Catherine Ouellette
76 Amanda Kim Director
75 Anna Bowen
74 Lori Agostino Production Designer
73 Line Beaumier Les-Oubliées, The Forgotten
72 Sarea Flo Sarea-Flo Productions
71 LaShawn McGhee Co-Founder | CPO Revry Inc.
70 Edie Pilar Monroy
69 Stacey Marbrey Filmmaker
68 Melinda Fox Founder, Tanji
67 Melanie Berthelo Chaleur Films Inc
66 Sarah Thomas Moffat Director of Photography
65 Mande Whitaker
64 Regina Ainsworth President, Defining Moment Entertainment LLC
63 Agnieszka Szeliga Freelance Camera Operator
62 Deia Schlosberg Pale Blue Dot Media
61 Deborah French Frisher
60 Annie Wood Knock On Wood Prods
59 Rudra Banerji Senior Producer, VTech/LeapFrog
58 Megan Woeppel Producer, Loves You Pictures
57 Tina Damore Equilibrium Works
56 P.J. Marcellino Anatomy of Restlessness Films
55 Romell Foster-Owens Jowharah Films
54 Sarah Sellman
53 Victoria Vitkowsky-Bennett Co-Founder, 14th & B Productions LLC
52 Matta Aindow Matta: Post & Consultancy
51 cdavid cottrill Vice President, IATSE Local 488
50 Paula Jean Hixson Are You My Mommy Productions
49 Kayla Tong
48 Vitelina Doll
47 Lorna Rodriguez Avion Film & Media Production Co
46 Kathryn Mora
45 Holly Beckwith BeHeart
44 Natalie Benamou Division Vice President, Exhibitus
43 Michelle Kantor Executive Director, Cinefemme
42 Nicole Kirch
41 Alan Derian Alan Derian Productions
40 Corinne Jayaweera Director/Producer
39 Jaqueline Fleming JAQ Entertainment Group
38 Monica FPW Editor
37 Stephanie Renaud Producer, Visual Wizards Productions
36 Nikki Cole President, Moving Visions Productions
35 Angelia Sciulli
34 Marina Viscun
33 Victoria Vitkowsky Bennett Co-founder, 14TH & B Productions LLC
32 Soma Helmi Director
31 Jessica Silvetti Writer & Director
30 Jen Floor Mathews Floor One Productions
29 Jenny Smith Rat Dance Party
28 Erin Oliver Geek Girls Rising
27 Ann Calhoun Art Department Coordinator, Freelance
26 Alyssa Ulrich CEO, Rebel Forest Films
25 Connie Kallos
24 Marisa Shipley Art Department and Set Dec Coordinator, Freelance
23 Dawn Davis
22 Joanna Pickering Joana Pickering
21 Sarah Wharton
20 Naomi McDougall Jones Chief Impact Officer, The 51 Fund
19 Marisé Samitier Caelus Cinema
18 Cate Carson Director/Producer Sensorium Pictures
17 Tom Donahue Director/Producer, CreativeChaos vmg
16 Jeneffa Soldatic
15 Elise Salomon
14 Cady McClain
13 Kate Rees Davies Director
12 Miranda Cristofani Production Designer
11 Kathi Chandler-Payatt Exec Dir, Fox Studios
10 RD Hall
9 Jackey Jones Debbie Manos
8 Elizabeth Blake-Thomas Director
7 Willow Polson Executive Producer, Chronokinesis Entertainment
6 rachel feldman Dollface Films
5 Sulayman Jawara Mr
4 Toy Lei toy ,llc
3 Manon de Reeper
2 Eve Psalti Director
1 Tema Staig Production Designer