WiM Executive Producer & Mentor: Tema Staig, Production Designer/Art Director Kissing Jessica Stein, Producer Blood & Glory

WiM Producer & Mentor: Allison Vanore, Emmy Award winning Producer After Forever, Dark/Web, Vanity, The Rainbow Experiment

WiM Producer & Mentor: Annika Hylmö, Producer Dr. Penelope, Image Makers

WiM Producer & Mentor: Jeff Vespa, Producer Voices of Parkland, Paris Song

WiM Producer & Mentor: Alesia Glidewell, Producer – Streamy Winner A Trip to Unicorn Island, Studio71’s ILM Channel, All Series, EP Sony Music’s Astronauts Wanted

WiM Producer & Mentor: Saba Zerehi, Producer Safe Space,
Dreamer, Against Night

WiM Producer & Mentor: Betsy Pollock, 2004 Academy Award® winner Best Short Film, Two Soldiers, former Associate Dean of Production & Director of First Year Production Services at the American Film Institute (AFI)

WiM Coordinator: Jennie Ciminelli