The CAMERAderie Initiativeis a platform for the emerging voices, creative talents, and untapped potential of women, women-identifying, and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Join us as CAMERAderie: Act Two, a pre-production lab, is underway for the 2020/21 season!

Pre-Production Lab

All accepted Lab participants gain complimentary access to upcoming events, and many will receive mentors. The Lab spans all aspects of pre-production: script breakdowns, scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing up, storyboards, shot listing, design, building, and workflow.

Through Women In Media’s CAMERAderie: Act Two, our above and below the line community has the opportunity to gain experience and support. This Lab includes networking, mentorship, and professional development via online classes, comprehensive weekend workshops, and hands-on training. Writer/Director Finalists from Act One build their teams from the WiM membership (70%+ women, women-identifying and gender nonconforming crews!). That way, pre-production can begin on the films. Crew members have support from initiative producers and industry professionals in each department. Support includes majority funding, gear, production insurance, and more.

Upcoming Events

Make sure to check back often as new events and opportunities are added.


Women In Media’s CAMERAderie: Act Two welcomes Women in Media Members in good standing to crew up on Finalist films. Finalist Film crew members are expected to attend CAMERAderie Lab events, education, critiques, and networking.

Not a member yet? Apply here. Note, membership review may take up to 2 weeks so don’t delay!

Finalist Projects

Women in Media is happy to announce the 2020 CAMERAderie: Act One Scripts & Finalists who are taking part in CAMERAderie: Act Two:

Daisy is Goneby Ziyao Liu

An anthrophobic Chinese poet tries to return a cloned fish, which he believes to be a botched imposter of his lost pet and best friend.

I’m a Hero by Erin Neumeyer

One woman’s heroic fantasy of gun ownership is so strong that it pulls her anti-gun sister into her hyper-realistic imagination where they fight for their beliefs and their lives in this genre shifting action comedy.

The Instinct by Krista Amigone

A pregnant waitress takes her co-worker’s bullying in stride. But when the harassment turns physical, the waitress’s Mama-Bear instincts take over and she defends her and her child’s life to a grizzly end.

Moon by Toy Lei

Two friends remember their childhood tree fort pacts and discuss their current lives, while having a lovely lunch on the moon.

Never Talk to Strangers by Nagham Osman

A child makes a matter of life and death choice but doesn’t know it.

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