The CAMERAderie Initiativeis a platform to support the emerging voices, creative talents, and untapped potential of women, women-identifying, and gender non-conforming filmmakers. Women in Media invites VIP and Student Members of all experience levels to participate. Through Women In Media’s CAMERAderie Initiative, our community has the opportunity to gain experience and support through networking, mentorship, and professional development. The program spans development through completion but may take place in stages.

2020/21 Initiative – Click below for more info:

2020/21 Initiative – Click below for more info:

2019 Initiative – Click the logo below for more info:


A large part of this initiative includes pairing up participating Members with seasoned professionals in all departments whenever possible. Past mentors include Effie T. Brown (Producer: Dear White People), Mary Lou Belli (Director: NCIS), Colin Trevorrow (Writer/Director: Jurassic World One, Two, and Three), Quyen Tran (Cinematographer: Palm Springs), Germaine Franco (Composer: Little, and Vida), and Bobbi Banks (Post Production Sound/Dialogue Editor: Selma).

Professional Development

Throughout the initiative, Women in Media hosts numerous workshops, hands-on training, panel discussions, and critique sessions in order for Members to sharpen their skills and perfect their craft.

The Goal

The goal of this initiative is not just to develop or produce a short film but to enhance production value, increase skills, build experience and relationships, and guide WiM Members through this process and beyond. Our prizes are built around the idea that WiM Members will continue their journey beyond this project and onto their feature film. Past Grand Prizes include the following free 18-day rental: three-ton Grip Package + truck rental, 15 walkie talkies with surveillance kits, a set of spherical lenses, and a set of anamorphic lenses.

Support the CAMERAderie Initiative

Past Sponsors include:


If you or your company would like to come on board as a Sponsor please contact us.

Apply For Membership

In order to take part in CAMERAderie, you must be a WiM VIP or Student Member. Apply to join us for our CAMERAderie Initiative along with the many benefits of the Women in Media annual membership. Apply here.